QuotesTK 1.1

QuotesTK is an intelligent historical EOD stock quote downloader
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QuotesTK Basic is a historical quote downloader taken to the next level. It automatically groups securities by their designated index while at the same time updating the index list to reflect the most recent security additions and delisted ones. With its multi-threading capabilities, quotes are downloaded before you know it.
- Access to free historical EOD quotes
- Multi-threaded for quick downloads
- Indices lists automatically kept up-to-date
- Quotes saved in ASCII .csv format
- Quotes are split and dividend adjusted
- Downloading only the most recent quotes saves time

Investors who want quick access to free historical stock quotes, look no further. The QuotesTK family quickly downloads securities grouped by their designated index. It keeps your indices up-to-date by automatically downloading the most recent securities lists to reflect delisted securities and security additions. Quotes are downloaded as ASCII .csv files formatted with Date, Open, High, Low, Close, and Volume to be imported into many popular charting applications. Not only that, all the data is back-adjusted for splits and dividends. And because of QuotesTK and QuotesTK Professionals's multi-threading capabilities, you won't have to wait forever to start your analytical research.

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